What is the “Good News” of Christmas?

The good news of Christmas dates back to the creation of the world by God and the creation of man who was made in God’s image. God intended that the man and woman he created, Adam and Eve, would live in perfect harmony with Him—enjoying perfect fellowship and being obedient to His commands thereby allowing […]

Why did Jesus come as a baby?

Jesus was with God when the universe was created. He was the instrument of creation of everything, including mankind, with whom he wanted to have a relationship, and on whom he could bestow his love and affection. However, man abused the relationship and rebelled and in the process became lost to God’s companionship and his […]

Was Jesus the promised Messiah?

Yes. According to the Bible, Jesus is the anointed one, or Messiah, who would become King at the end of days. In the New Testament portion of the Bible, the life and work of Jesus reveal that He fulfills more than 50 specific prophecies that were recorded hundreds of years before his birth. The fulfilled […]

How do we know that Christianity is true?

That depends on who is defining Christianity. Basic Christianity is the understanding that a person cannot do anything, including good works or good deeds, to win a place in heaven. Christianity alone teaches that forgiveness of individual sin and the promise of eternal life with God are gifts offered to an individual by God. To […]