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What is a Moral compass?

A magnetic compass is a tool that helps find your way to a destination and back home again. However, it points to a changing magnetic north, not to the unchanging ‘true north,’ where map lines of longitude converge at the pole. Mariners of old used celestial navigation to locate their position. Their tool was a nautical sextant. Their guiding light was most often the North Star although other celestial bodies were also used. Today, satellites and GPS help travelers navigate on air, land or sea to find their final destination.

moral compass—a set of core values and beliefs—on the other hand is an important tool that guides a person through the challenges, dangers, and temptations of modern life and toward a godly, satisfying future. God has provided that moral compass, the Bible. It is God’s inspired unchanging Word, full of truth and wisdom, interpreted for you by the Holy Spirit. It becomes a person’s moral compass when it is read, studied and internalized and so that in school, the workplace and in relationships it will help you decide right from wrong, truth from lies and lead to the true north, Jesus Christ.

Men and women are created in God’s image with a purpose that gives meaning to life and glory to God. That purpose is to honor God with your life and your work, love your neighbor as yourself and to accomplish the good works God has planned for every follower of Jesus Christ. That means God has a plan to give each believer hope and a fantastic future. The greatest adventure in life is to discover God’s plan and live it to the fullest. God’s moral compass is a tool that will guide the way. Remember, it is only Jesus Christ who can assure that at the end of life you will reach heaven as your final destination.

Photo by Brian Regrut