The search for the meaning and purpose of life has been mankind’s desire from the beginning of time.

Socrates sought truth and an understanding of life’s mysteries during the golden age of the Greeks. Using the technique of questions and responses, known then and now as dialogue, Socrates and his students discovered many facts about life but never its real meaning.

It wasn’t until Jesus Christ arrived that life’s basic questions began to be answered. Jesus had divine wisdom to impart to his disciples and to all, then and now, who place their trust in God.

There are many questions people have about life and its meaning. On this site are the twelve we hear most often. As you read the questions and reflect on the answers we hope you’ll begin a life-changing journey, or what is sometimes called a spiritual transformation.

This journey is all about becoming a new creation in God’s image. But here’s the irony, many spiritual journeys are about an individual’s quest to find God. We like to point out that God is right next to you, waiting for you to acknowledge Him.

So, are you ready to find out how to become a new creation? Read through the questions and answers presented here. And, join us in our FORUM as we engage in an online dialog about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, the messiah and redeemer of mankind.

We, at Living Dialog Ministries, encourage the discovery of God’s Truth through dialog. We produce materials and develop projects to encourage deeper connections with God and service grounded in principles for living and working connected with God.

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Journey in Dialog

Our Executive Editor, Irving Stubbs,  describes what it means for people and groups to relate in dialog–an exchange between people and groups in which meaning is shared and change occurs with each party of the dialog…