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Is there any evidence to indicate how long ago God created Adam?

Great question, especially in light of all the recent discoveries.

Let’s begin with what the Bible says. A literal reading of the genealogy as recorded in the book of Genesis would put Adam at about 6000 years ago (4000 BC). However, the Hebrew word for ‘Son of’ or ‘Bar’, later ‘Ben’, also means grandson of, great grandson of, etc., so there could be very many generations between each person identified as ‘son of’ in the book of Genesis. Just as in later instances, only the noteworthy or significant individuals are identified.

We also know Adam possessed the ability to speak, communicate, had language, intelligence, etc.. He also possessed a ‘God Given Spirit’ in addition to his DNA as a Homo Sapien.

Now from a science, evidence perspective, we know there existed a Chinese population with language, a city, buildings, etc. at 10,000 BC, or 12,000 years ago. Allowing for time from Adam, this would put the first Adam possibly as far back as 20-40,000 years ago.. There are reports today of findings claiming Homo Sapiens as early as 40,000 years ago, and several much later, but generally without the DNA.

I encourage you to browse the Reasons to Believe website and consider the scientific work of Dr. Hugh Ross and his team who have done an outstanding job confirming the Bible and Science.