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This is the most comprehensive yet easy to understand answers book ever compiled.

This is the most comprehensive yet easy to understand answers book ever compiled.

Our surveys of people of all ages has shown that the questions in this book are those that are top of mind for the curious, inquisitive, seekers of truth and even for Christian believers.

It is designed for a journey in discovery. Discovery of answers to the profound questions of life that men and women have sought since the beginning of time:

What is the meaning of life?

What happens when I die?

Does God really exist?

Did God create life?

Is God still involved in his creation today?

Is the Bible unique among all other books?

Two thousand years ago

a person appeared on the scene who also asked and answered many of these core questions of life. What was unique about his teaching and his answers was that those who listened recognized that he spoke with authority. That person was Jesus Christ. His authority and understanding of the human condition came directly from God, the Creator of life.

Jesus’ birth, teachings, miracles, prophecies, death, resurrection and ascension into Heaven affirmed his authority as the source of truthful answers to all questions of life. He was in fact who he claimed to be…the Son of God, Emmanuel, God with us! Therefore, the answers to the questions contained in this book come directly from the source of all knowledge and wisdom and truth, God’s Word, the Bible, as revealed by the Holy Spirit to the members of the Living Dialogue Ministries answers team.

You may also be seeking understanding about some of the promises, mysteries and prophecies of the Bible. You will find that many of those topics are addressed in this book. On the other hand, you may want to know what God has to say about 21st-century cultural issues that impact human behavior and relationships; i.e., traditional marriage, truth and tolerance. Or, you might want to know the biblical worldview of creation, evolution, sin, heaven, hell and end-times events. These topics and more are addressed in the book’s 12 chapters.

What some are saying about Answers to YOUR Greatest Questions

“The genius of this book is that it takes a Biblical Christian Worldview in answering many profound and soul- searching questions about life and faith. It provides concise, straightforward and easy-to-understand responses based on God’s Word, not politically correct cultural opinions. It will be an invaluable resource for America’s youth, their parents, young adults and youth ministry leaders. It is a must-read for any person genuinely seeking God’s truth for living a meaningful, purposeful and joyful life now and for eternity.” —Michele Bachmann, Author; International Speaker; Executive Director of Well Versed, Inc., Co-chair, Jerusalem Prayer

“A great way to learn something important is to ask a knowledgeable person with good sources. Jack Dannemiller is doing yeoman’s work to get that message out, especially to the younger generations who are seeking Truth. Who could deny that the need is great in these days when our core values are under attack from within and without?” —Porter Goss, Former Member of the United States Congress from Southwest Florida

“In a lost, hurting and confusing world, finding answers to life isn’t easy. Everyone is looking for answers to life! The most important question of “who is Jesus” is one question all of us have to know the answer to. I have been thankful to have a resource that helps kids and adults, not only grow and solidify their own faith, but more clearly be able to share with others. Answers is the perfect book to give clarity to questions everyone asks, for the Christian and non-Christian. Short, concise and easy to talk about with anyone is what makes this book one to keep at the ready in your car, home, pocket or just to give to a friend.” —Andy Reid, Metro Director, Young Life Cleveland Metro

“This book’s FAQs are a great resource to begin spiritual conversations with our student athletes, especially for the spiritually curious. Its wide range of truth-based answers to the profound questions of life and faith make it a wonderful resource for spiritual growth and discipleship. It is a book every young adult and their parents should own and discuss.” —Carl Schweisthal, Area Director, Athletes-in-Action, The Ohio State University

“I heartily recommend, Answers to Your Greatest Questions, for everyone: Christians, non-Christians, those of other faiths and even the nonreligious. The questions the book addresses are both timely and unique. The straightforward answers are clear, readable and understandable. I have personally used the 12 frequently asked questions contained in Chapter One very effectively in a variety of settings. They start engaging conversations. The book will be a great aid to your personal evangelism and your life’s journey.” —Scott Sommer, Theological Development Coordinator, Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)

A letter from the author, Jack Dannemiller

Dear friends of the LIVING DIALOG, and the Life’s Basic Questions ministry,
Let me extend a heartfelt thanks for your inspired contributions to the content of this publication and for your ongoing support of The Living Dialog and the Life’s Basic Questions ministry.

As a result of your faithfulness, many lives have been brought into God‘s kingdom, experiencing a life-changing personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The lives of many believers have been changed through a better understanding of the power of God’s Word.

However, Barna survey data shows that young people and millennials are leaving the church and the Christian faith in record numbers to follow a secular worldview. We know that many of those who have been lost from the faith have questions about the validity of the Bible and of the Christian faith. If we can place in their hands the answers to those questions, many will remain followers of Christ. So, our real work is just beginning.

The world we know is spinning out of control and it needs to experience God‘s love like never before. We will need your continued engagement in our mission to provide tools that help spread God‘s wisdom far and wide to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, church friends, ministry partners and church pastors.

We hope that you will tell everyone you know about this exciting new book and suggest that they obtain their own copy so that they will have in their hands the answers to their greatest questions in life. Perhaps you will be encouraged to go to our shopping cart pages and obtain copies that you may place in the hands of seekers, young Christians and anyone else who has questions regarding Christianity’s place in this cynical post-modern world.

We would also like to encourage you to share this entire book in several ways. You could:

  • Share this website by logging into your preferred social media channels, then navigate to your favorite lifesbasicquestions.com page and click on any of the social media share links found there.
  • Purchase an additional copy(s) and simply place them in the hands of those who would gain the most benefit from “Answers to Your Greatest Questions”. 
  • Share in a Bible study the truths explained in “Answers to Your Greatest Questions”, citing it as a source. 

Share a copy with your pastor.  As its content is used in sermons and messages and it is mentioned as a source, he/she will expose others to Answers to Your Greatest Questions.    

The Apostle Paul said in 2 Timothy 4:2 “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season” (NIV).  We pray that this book will help you and others to “be prepared”.  May God bless you in your faithfulness to Him.

Thank you for your faithful partnership with TLDM. We look forward to many more opportunities to share Christ with a lost and seeking world. We pray that you will join us in these opportunities.

Jack Dannemiller