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Answers to Your Greatest Questions

This is the most comprehensive yet easy to understand answers book ever compiled.

Our surveys of people of all ages has shown that the questions in this book are those that are top of mind for the curious, inquisitive, seekers of truth and even for Christian believers.

It is designed for a journey in discovery. Discovery of answers to the profound questions of life that men and women have sought since the beginning of time:

What is the meaning of life?

What happens when I die?

Does God really exist?

Did God create life?

Is God still involved in his creation today?

Is the Bible unique among all other books?

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Answers to Life’s GREATEST Questions

The search for the meaning and purpose of life has been mankind’s desire from the beginning of time. What is the meaning of life and why am I here? If God exists, why does life hurt so much? What happens when I die?

At Living Dialogue Ministries we would like to introduce you to a booklet called Answers to Life’s Greatest Questions that provides answers to 12 basic questions that young or new Christians and emerging adults may have about life, its meaning and the role faith plays in their lives.

The 12 questions compiled in the booklet came from the hearts and minds of young people as they were asked to youth pastors, senior pastors, coaches and adult lay ministers we surveyed. Our ministerial contributors have now prayed about their questions and biblically answered each with Bible references for the questions asked.