Truth vs. Tolerance. Does it matter?

Tolerance once meant a free and open discussion in search for the truth. Modern science is based on searching for the truth. Tolerance used to be a respectful discourse open to “all points of view”. In Western culture today it has become the god of liberal elitists and ultimately it leads to chaos and loss of freedoms. Denial of God’s truth, as found in the Bible, the gold standard for morality and reason, results in the moral decline of society.

That decline includes, but is not limited to, lying, fraud, failure to protect the sanctity of life, immorality, infidelity, disrespect for authority, selfishness, greed, and much more. Secular tolerance has become a new god where people offend no one and stand for nothing. The only thing they don’t tolerate is Christian and biblical truths. So, does it matter? Yes indeed! If Christianity is not the truth, then the Christian faith does not matter.

History suggests strongly that Christian faith and the truth do matter. Western civilization is rooted in the Christian experience and worldview. When Christian truths are replaced by the god of tolerance, America, as we have known it, its virtues, values and freedoms, will no longer exist. Jesus said, “you will know the truth and the truth will make you free”.

Yes, Truth matters! Our democracy and our freedoms depend upon it. Never be afraid to defend the truth that makes you free.