Why is life unfair? Why does life hurt so much?

This life is not fair and hurts. When this life hurts, we can draw upon God for comfort and love. We are all imperfect people who are given the freedom, out of love for us by God, to make choices. When we make choices out of selfishness, pride, anger, fear or any other negative emotion or motive, we hurt others, but even more, hurt ourselves. This is sin, or missing the best that God desires for us and started with Adam and Eve disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.God can use anything, even evil, done to us for our own good.

God cares more about our character and heart than anything, and allows us to go through hurt and pain, so that we can grow and mature. We can thank God that he is just, and isn’t fair with us either. We have failed and hurt God by our actions most of all. God, out of his love for us, sent his only son, who was perfect and without sin, to Earth to take upon himself the sins of everyone, not just us, so that we could enjoy a life in relationship to Him. Jesus dying in our place was unfair, but necessary, for God’s best for all of us.