What is a Worldly Christian?

The question is sort of an enigma or even an oxymoron. We wonder how this could be true, but it is sadly to say frequently true. Too often it is difficult to distinguish Christian believers from non-Christians. Why? Values and behaviors seem similar. Church groups are plagued with the same problems as secular groups. Christians […]

Isn’t everyone Created by God a ‘Child of God’?

In this era of political correctness and so-called religious tolerance we are led to believe that all religions lead to God and we often hear it said, “we are all children of God.” Unfortunately, this is not true. It is completely correct to say “we are all loved by God”. God “created us in His […]

Why did Jesus wait four days before raising Lazarus from the dead?

This is a very profound question and deals with both Christ’s purposes and integrates into Jewish traditions and Pharisee beliefs. As background, the incident takes place in John11:1-43 and should be very carefully read. Jesus had two previous occasions where He brought dead people back to life; Darius daughter in Mark 5:35-43 and the widow […]