What is the Christian worldview regarding Politics and Government?

This response focuses on four key questions that need to be considered about politics and government in a Christian worldview. What is God’s purpose for government, and why did it become necessary? “Human government was instituted by God to protect man’s unalienable rights from mankind’s sinful tendencies.” And it became necessary “because of the fall”. […]

Creation or Evolution In the Origin of Man?

Most people wrongly assume that science supports evolution as the explanation for the origin of man and that the Bible ‘s description is without any scientific support. Consider that the theory of evolution born out of the writings of Charles Darwin in the 19th century in now undergoing a considerable re-think based on 20th and […]

What does it Mean to Love the Lord your God with all your Mind?

This challenge for all Christians comes directly from the great Commandment recorded in Luke 10:27. It is a confirmation Jesus made about the importance of using intellect and reason to become a mature follower and disciple. So, how does a Christian do it; i.e. “Love God with all your mind”? Jesus provided the way to […]

Is the God of Islam the same as the God of Christianity?

No, the God of Islam is not the same as the God of Christianity and the Bible. In Christianity God is explained as being of three natures. That concept is known as the Trinity. Simply, it is God the father who created us, Jesus, his son, who lived among us, and the Holy Spirit who […]