In an age of gluttony and consumerism, is Thanksgiving still relevant?

We’re all thankful for something, but more often discontent with our day-to-day lives. Many of us take for granted so much about our lives and the world around us that we don’t stop and think about the source of all that we have, nor do we stop and thank that source, God. Some people make […]

Why is life so unfair?

It’s natural to think that life is unfair, especially when we, or those we love are hurt in some way. We can also look around the world and look at the disparity of wealth, quality of healthcare, and availability of food and shelter. Why do some people live in relative peace and others in the […]

Can a Christian support Capital Punishment?

“Thou shalt not kill.” This verse from the book of Exodus in the Bible is sometimes quoted as why Christians should not support capital punishment–executing someone for committing terrible crimes like murder or rape. However, the Bible is far from clear on this subject. The Hebrew or Mosaic law (Given by God through Moses), also […]