Should Christians be involved in politics and human government?

YES! Jesus is the answer as the perfect role model of a humble servant leader. His living it was the hard part and it will be for us. We can only imagine what it would be like if we don’t even try to be involved. We have His life, His words, His actions and His whole ministry from which to learn. And, we know that He will be with us, and will never forsake us no matter how long it takes.

So where do we begin as Christians? Prayer, of course, whatever the issue, seeking wisdom and never stopping. In prayer use plain words, heartfelt words and know that Jesus as our advocate will make whatever translation is needed. Pray expecting guidance and answers. They may pop up in your head or even come from the mouth of a supposed political opponent. It’s okay to test them against reality but then trust them. Keep an open mind for a further word of wisdom or even a nudge in a different direction as things do change, sometimes very frequently, in the world of politics and human government.

When a particular work is finished or has a significant pause, take a look back to see if there are any footprints of Jesus beside yours and then thank him. That’s sometimes hard to see during the journey. When you see them, it may also mean that He’s prepared you and gotten you ready for the next challenge.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay