Did God create everything?

A youngster asked this question recently at Vacation Bible School. The teacher passed it along to us. The question is simple, the answer is far more complex. Here, the definition of “everything” is all-important. So let’s start at the beginning. Out of nothing, God created the universe and all the matter that is within it. From that matter, God created every atom, every molecule of everything that exists, from galaxies and solar systems to sub-atomic particles. From microscopic viruses to the Antarctica blue whale that can weigh as much as 33 elephants.

God also created the mechanisms for the creative process to continue. Genetics is the study of just such a creative process whereby life is perpetuated. Wind and water continuously sculpt our planet creating beatuiful vistas and provide waterways that allow our planet to fluorish. But it is in mankind that we see the greatest of God’s creation. The Bible tells us that God made man in His image. Philosophers and theologians have discussed and debated what that means for millennia, but as God has revealed himself in the Bible we get a pretty good understanding of what this means.

God the father lives in perfect communion with Jesus (God’s son) and the Holy Spirit. In that relationship we see boundless love, unbridled creativity, and unity of purpose. That purpose is to create relationships in which all men and women live in harmony with one another and with God himself. Love is the glue that binds those relationships. Creativity is what allows men to build houses and cars and computers. It’s what has allowed men to light up the night, control indoor climates, reduce the burdens of work, improve communications, and develop systems and programs to pass along knowledge and wisdom.

So, did God create everything? Indirectly, yes. But from the time he created men and women, he has equipped them to carry on the creative process. Have they always used that creativity for the betterment of this world? unfortunately, not. As humans we have often squandered our creative inclinations, creating instruments of war, despoiling the very earth over which man was given dominion, and destroying relationships with our cleverness, self-centeredness, deceit, and lack of self-control.

God created a perfect world and one day he will return to restore that perfection. When he does, there will be a reckoning because sin cannot coexist with perfection. Are you prepared to have an encounter with the creator of everything? If not, you may want to read our May 5th blogpost: How does one become a Christian?