I believe in Jesus. Is that good enough?

The real question seems to be, “Good enough for what?”  To believe in Jesus is to believe that God was present in a particular human life–and if that is true, that life is of supreme importance for all of us. If Jesus is God, then learning about God and God’s ways, following Christ in everyday life and a host of things called, “Discipleship” become very important. Believing in Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord of your life is enough, and ought to motivate you to follow Jesus and live like Jesus. Simply passively believing is not enough, as even the devil knows about Jesus.

To become a faithful follower of Jesus requires spending time in God’s word, the Bible, learning about his life, his teachings, his character, his cause, his reliance on the Father, his commandments, and his perseverance in the face of many challenges. When you trust and believe in him intimately and imitate his life, that will be good enough.  Ultimately, Jesus wants you to know him as your best friend now and for eternity.

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