Why do people resist the loving grace of God?

Some Bible scholars think today’s resistance to the Gospel has always been due to the “hardness of men’s hearts”. (Matthew 13). Also an obstacle is delay…people just put off until later to even think about their relationship to God.

Today much of society (humanity) worships idols. Materialism has replaced spirituality which has led people to resist the loving grace of God.

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the need for instant and tangible gratification and pleasure. For example, society is bombarded with powerful substitutes through media such as movies, advertisements, social media, etc. Another reason is the growing need to compete for bigger and better everything which feeds the need to purchase unnecessary items and which drives financial decisions.

Lastly, society makes idols of celebrities and sports stars. (Exodus 20:4). Sadly worshiping these idols brings brief satisfaction and distracts people from seeking and knowing the loving grace of God.

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