How can I share my Christian Faith with courage and without fear?

Sharing your Christian faith involves risk and potential failure. Sometimes it could even be an embarrassment. Yet there is an urgency about sharing your faith in Christ with those you care about because no one knows if they have a tomorrow. Without faith in Christ, if they die, they are condemned to eternal separation from God in a place called Hell. Remember, Hell is every bit as real as Heaven.

The Bible is pretty clear:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

John 14:6

One is to remain silent and leave a person to their fate. That is the coward’s way and certainly not the way of a friend. The better way is to muster up the courage to take the bold step of communicating the gospel message of Christ in a loving and considerate manner. Remember, success is not dependent upon you. You have been commissioned to do the sharing and God’s Holy Spirit does the convicting and the saving.

It’s that easy. We don’t save anybody but God does in His own way and in His time.

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When you realize you just have to be faithful and that the outcome is in God’s control the fear of failure is gone. It is a fact that God will give you the courage and the right words to share. The more often you share your story about how Jesus changed your life and the Gospel message it will become easier each time. Just remember to pray, trust and act. The world needs Jesus more than anything else. It needs the “Good News.”