What does it mean to think like a Christian?

God created man and woman as rational beings with a mind capable of logical reasoning and capable of discovering truth in all the elements of life and in the culture in which one lives. A Christian, at the moment of belief in Jesus as Savior, receives the marvelous and supernatural gift of the Holy Spirit. That gift enables a Christian to discern truth from lies by comparing competing ideas and philosophies against the Word God.

This capability enlightens the Christian to develop a viewpoint on subjects ranging from Philosophy and Biology to Politics, Law, Economics and every subject in between. When a person knows God and His Word and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he or she can begin the journey to, ‘Think like a Christian’.

The Christian thinker searches for evidence to
1) Distinguish opinions from reality
2) Understand human nature, both its potential and limitations
3) Learn the lessons of history and the reasons for the rise and fall of civilizations, i.e. cause and effect
4) Understand the laws of nature and discern the discoveries in science and creation.

The Christian Thinker reads, examines studies and discusses the truths of the Bible to learn God’s laws and principles for living a meaningful, purposeful, and peaceful life—a life that honors God and serves and loves his neighbor as himself. Studying the Bible provides wisdom, discernment, and understanding of life’s issues. (Proverbs 1:1-7) Over time, a Christian develops a Biblical Worldview through which he or she can evaluate and respond to all the subjects within the human experience. This is what it means to, ‘Think like a Christian’. In other words, it means to see the world as Christ sees it and respond accordingly.