What is meant by Intelligent Design of nature?

What is meant by Intelligent Design of nature?

Intelligent design is the theory that there is a guiding force behind the creation of the universe and everything in it. The first verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1, posits a created universe. Subsequent verses describe the work of a creator who rationally designs the solar system, the earth, and all living flora and fauna. It provides a basis for understanding science, mathematics, genetics, and man’s ability to think and reason. Intelligent Design presupposes a designer and therefore suggests that there is a purpose to the creation. Since we’re talking about creating something out of nothing, the “intelligence” behind the design must be a transcendent being, one that is not made of the same matter of its creation. That transcendent being or intelligent designer is called God.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so. God called the vault “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.

And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so. God called the dry ground “land,” and the gathered waters he called “seas.” And God saw that it was good.

Genesis 1:1-10
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Do I have to choose between my Christian faith and what science teaches?

Do I have to choose between my Christian faith and what science teaches?

No, the Christian faith fits the scientific facts. Science now confirms that the intricacy and complexity of the design details in both the macro (cosmic) and micro (biological) Sciences point to an Intelligent Designer.  That designer is God.

Recent scientific discoveries demonstrate also that evolution could not have produced new life forms on planet Earth including humans. No matter how many eons of time one selects, the mathematical probability of evolution producing life forms is zero. 

Even though the universe came into being, the Big Bang, about 13.8 billion years ago and the earth about 4.8 billion years ago, in all that time, the extensive number of fossils discovered, including those in the Cambrian strata (billions upon billions of fossils), not a single transitional species was found. All fossil species appear distinct; that is no evolution. The foundation of the evolution theory is a gradual transition of species thru random probabilistic transition. This is the essence of the theory yet NOT ONE transitional species has ever been found where there should be billions if not trillions.

Remember this too. The older Earth age does not conflict with the Genesis seven days of creation because the Hebrew word for day, ‘ium’, has four possible meanings one of which is, “A long period of time,” which could be millions or billions of years. In other words, God took His time to get Earth ready.

Regarding evolution, one must keep in mind that evolution was a theory which is now a worldview masquerading as scientific fact. It is fundamentally the religion of atheists who reject the idea of God or even an intelligent designer and that a human being has an eternal soul. Why, so that atheists can be their own god, live life as they please, fabricate their own truth and believe that life ends at death with no Judgment Day and no eternal condemnation or punishment. In other words, a life with no hope, no meaning, and no purpose of any eternal value. In that worldview, human life has no value greater than the lives of animals. Despite overwhelming evidence, evolutionists say, “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the scientific facts or the idea of intelligent design by a Creator God.” So sad!!

So, choose faith and study more about how science supports the Genesis account of creation. While you are searching for truth, you will also discover God’s plan for your life. 

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Does Mankind have a Noble purpose or do we just exist?

Does Mankind have a Noble purpose or do we just exist?

Mankind was created in the image of God to rule the earth and to fulfill God’s plan of redemption for the human race. Mankind’s role in this plan seems to point to a noble purpose. There are many ways to answer this question and not everyone will agree with our response but it will cause everyone to think more seriously about why mankind is on planet Earth. So, this question will be answered in two parts in successive weeks to give the reader a broad perspective on the biblical concept of a noble purpose.

Mankind has been around a long time. There are signs in cave drawings, primitive rituals, cities that go back more than 12,000 years.Humans have been living in community for the most of our history, reaching beyond mere existence and survival. A lot of smart people including psychologists, philosophers, historians, theologians and just thoughtful people have affirmed that when we live life with a sense of purpose we are healthier, happier, have better relationships and are likely to be more successful.

So, is there a noble purpose for mankind? There are clues; in fact, an abundance of clues. In spite of many attempts to reduce faith in God to rules and rituals, at the heart of God’s self-disclosure is love. If God is love and if God’s self-disclosure is to encourage and support love, then we have discovered a significant clue about a noble purpose. If love is the basis for sustainable personal relationships, restorative justice, caring for those in need, family and community building, and transformational communication, then we have found a noble purpose that has deep roots, a long track record, and universal application that comes directly from the heart and mind of God.

Was Noah’s flood real?

Was Noah’s flood real?

Yes, it happened and it was real, very real indeed. It is no myth or just a story. Jesus referred to Noah as a real person and the flood as a real event. We can totally rely on his words. The best estimate as to when the flood occurred is about 20,000 years ago. The Bible gives no specific date only a sequential chronological progression of the events of creation. This dating comes from the most recent science record of the first humans somewhere around 45,000 years ago. That’s very recent in the timeline of the earth considering the dinosaurs were last on earth 250 million years ago.

As to the extent of the Flood. The Bible states that it covered the earth, which to the population at that time would have been their known region. Recognizing that the peoples at that time were concentrated in a very local geographic area in what is called today Mesopotamia (principally Iraq), it is generally recognized that the flood was universal to the entire human population at that time. Recent archaeological discoveries have unearthed large settlements that are now underwater in the Persian Gulf. The geography of this area of the earth has changed greatly since the flood. Numerous movies have been made purporting to tell the flood story, but all fall far short of depicting the Biblical narrative

The Bible does not describe in any detail character traits of Noah and his family other than being righteous. There are no quotes from Noah or his family in the Bible. All words and conversations in the movies are drawn from the imagination of the producer. The movie, Noah, produced in 2014 strayed so far from scripture that is was scorned by scientists and condemned by religious scholars. The movie was banned in much of the Muslim world despite the fact that the story takes place in what is today the heart of Islam. The movie distorts Bible teaching about God, animals, sin and salvation. The producer of the movie, Noah, didn’t just add to and take away from the story of Noah as recorded in Genesis, he reversed good and evil, elevated animals above humans, gave rocks souls, he equated fallen man with Jesus, and even elevated man higher than God.

For more thoughtful information about the flood, we strongly recommend visiting “Reasons to Believe” at www.reasons.org and/or reading Hugh Ross’ book, Navigating Genesis 1-11.


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What is the Christian Worldview regarding Science and History?

What is the Christian Worldview regarding Science and History?

People often question how life and the universe began.  Many who put their faith in science and history believe that Christians have a non-scientific worldview.  However, Christians also believe in science and history BUT they realize that neither science nor history are infallible.  Men of science make mistakes, scientific journals may be biased, and history may be distorted to prove a slanted point of view.  True science and history support the Christian worldview which is actually the most rational of all worldviews.  It requires no more faith than any other worldview or philosophy.

For example, many who hold a secular worldview believe that everything began from basic matter or energy and eventually some very elementary form of life happened to spontaneously generate from a primordial soup.  That worldview requires faith that “something” always existed but does not explain the origin of that “something.”  They also believe that the elements got more and more organized until more advanced life forms developed.  However, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that there is a natural tendency for isolated systems to degenerate into chaos, not toward more order.  Therefore, the secular worldview is in conflict with this scientific law while the Christian worldview is not.

The secular worldview has faith that a basic life form developed on its own even though intricately designed nucleic acids, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates are essential components of all known forms of life.  The most basic life form is much more complex than a cellphone and a cellphone would certainly not just develop on its own from basic elements.  The Christian worldview has faith that a Creator was in charge while designing the universe and creating life.  Which worldview really requires more faith?

Ultimately, everyone must choose their own worldview and this choice will affect every aspect of their lives.  The Christian worldview is not only supported by honest, scientifically sound truths but also by biblical revelation.  The Gospel of John contains the philosophical foundation of the Christian worldview.  It states that in the beginning Christ was, He was with God, and He was God.  He created all things and nothing was created without Him.  This foundation is a solid rock in a turbulent world of constantly changing opinions and values.  A person with a firm Christian worldview will not be tossed to and fro by every secularist doctrine.

Creation or Evolution In the Origin of Man?

Creation or Evolution In the Origin of Man?

Most people wrongly assume that science supports evolution as the explanation for the origin of man and that the Bible ‘s description is without any scientific support.

Consider that the theory of evolution born out of the writings of Charles Darwin in the 19th century in now undergoing a considerable re-think based on 20th and 21st century science. Through science we now know that our universe had a beginning before which there was nothing, that the universe and earth are governed by life sustaining natural law constants of such precision that they could not have come about by chance and that numerous biological processes appear to operate on incorporated information.

That the universe had a beginning points to a beginner. The precision of life sustaining natural law constants rule out chance and point to intentionality. The information incorporated into physical and biological processes points to intelligent design. Collectively, a beginner, intentionality and intelligent design point to one conclusion. That God is the giver and sustainer of life.

Evolution as popularly taught is in trouble because of the absence of transitional species required to prove evolution, the periodic explosions of life forms without those expected transitional species, and the extreme statistical improbability that chance could be a factor in numerous complex biological processes.

In weighing the evidence, the scales seem to have tipped in favor of a beginner and intelligent designer that intentionally made the world and man to occupy it.

It was all done with a purpose.

For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will… Ephesians 1:4-5 (NIV)