What does the Bible say about conflict resolution?

This life is tough and the hardest things are relationships, especially when they aren’t healthy. For the most part, we can control ourselves and our actions; we can’t (or shouldn’t) control others. People offend us and we will get hurt. There’s no hiding from that. Sometimes, it’s intentional and other times it’s not; sometimes they […]

What is a Worldly Christian?

The question is sort of an enigma or even an oxymoron. We wonder how this could be true, but it is sadly to say frequently true. Too often it is difficult to distinguish Christian believers from non-Christians. Why? Values and behaviors seem similar. Church groups are plagued with the same problems as secular groups. Christians […]

How does one acquire wisdom from God?

First we must believe in God and trust in Him before we can acquire wisdom from God. To know God, we must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as Lord and Savior. In the Bible, in Colossians 2:3 we are told that in Christ are hidden all the treasures of […]

What Does it Mean to Have Your Sins Forgiven?

Sin is an intentional or unintentional thought or act that separates us from our relationship with God or our oneness with God. It can be generally characterized as any serious failure in thought or deed that could have been avoided. At a minimum, it is a failure to live up to God’s standards starting with […]

What is the primary difference between Christianity and all other world religions?

The person of Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible differentiates Christianity. The cross of Christ forever bridged the gap between sinners and a Holy God. The Bible, rightly called the book that made our world, has inspired the best of Western civilization: science, technology, education, and political and economic freedom. Because we are made in […]

Does God speak to us personally?

Yes, but often we’re not listening. God created man and woman in his image, that is he gave them the capacity to communicate in a way that is different from all the other creatures in the world. He gave them the capacity to interact with the creator of not just the world, but the universe […]

What does it mean to receive the kingdom of God like a ‘little child’?

This is an interesting two-part question. It’s essentially asking what is the kingdom of God and how can someone receive it. Consequently, we will answer the receive part first and describe the kingdom of God next week. So let’s see what the Scriptures say about receiving the kingdom as a little child. Jesus said, “Let […]

Why do some accounts of the life of Jesus contradict others?

This question has been asked in many ways throughout the centuries. Even when Jesus was alive, witnesses described events differently. So, we shouldn’t be surprised to read in the gospels recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and in letters written by Paul, Peter and others, reports of events that seem to be contradictory.  Eyewitnesses […]

What will Christian bodies be like after the Resurrection?

The apostle Paul writing to the church in Corinth answered this question in 1 Corinthians 15:35-52. He uses the analogy of the seed and the flower. Our earthly bodies are like the seed. Our heavenly bodies are like the flower. The seed and the flower are very different as our earthly bodies and our heavenly […]