Answers to YOUR Greatest Questions


This is the most comprehensive yet easy to understand Answers book ever compiled. Our surveys of people of all ages has shown that the questions in this book are those that are top of mind for the curious, inquisitive, seekers of truth, and even for Christian believers. Jack Dannemiller, CEO of Living Dialog Ministries, gathered more than 100 of the most-asked questions and the answers we have posted online and grouped them into categories. He then refined each answer and along with a team of editors, and a designer produced this must-have book.

Here’s a look at categories into which fall the questions and answers:

Chap 1 – Most Frequently Asked Questions

Chap 2 – God – Creator, Intelligent Designer

Chap 3 – Creation – “In The Beginning”

Chap 4 – Heaven and Hell

Chap 5 – Jesus – Emmanuel – God with Us

Chap 6 – Grace, Mercy, Faith, Hope and Love

Chap 7 – Sin, Redemption and Salvation

Chap 8 – Prayer and Praying

Chap 9 – Bible – “The Good News”

Chap 10 – End Times – Prophecy

Chap 11 – Christianity and Other Religions

Chap 12 – Guide for Christian Living