People often question how life and the universe began.  Many who put their faith in science and history believe that Christians have a non-scientific worldview.  However, Christians also believe in science and history BUT they realize that neither science nor history are infallible.  Men of science make mistakes, scientific journals may be biased, and history may be distorted to prove a slanted point of view.  True science and history support the Christian worldview which is actually the most rational of all worldviews.  It requires no more faith than any other worldview or philosophy.

For example, many who hold a secular worldview believe that everything began from basic matter or energy and eventually some very elementary form of life happened to spontaneously generate from a primordial soup.  That worldview requires faith that “something” always existed but does not explain the origin of that “something.”  They also believe that the elements got more and more organized until more advanced life forms developed.  However, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that there is a natural tendency for isolated systems to degenerate into chaos, not toward more order.  Therefore, the secular worldview is in conflict with this scientific law while the Christian worldview is not.

The secular worldview has faith that a basic life form developed on its own even though intricately designed nucleic acids, lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates are essential components of all known forms of life.  The most basic life form is much more complex than a cellphone and a cellphone would certainly not just develop on its own from basic elements.  The Christian worldview has faith that a Creator was in charge while designing the universe and creating life.  Which worldview really requires more faith?

Ultimately, everyone must choose their own worldview and this choice will affect every aspect of their lives.  The Christian worldview is not only supported by honest, scientifically sound truths but also by biblical revelation.  The Gospel of John contains the philosophical foundation of the Christian worldview.  It states that in the beginning Christ was, He was with God, and He was God.  He created all things and nothing was created without Him.  This foundation is a solid rock in a turbulent world of constantly changing opinions and values.  A person with a firm Christian worldview will not be tossed to and fro by every secularist doctrine.