Should Christians try to convert those of other religions?

Another great question as all Christians are called to go and make disciples of all nations. ( Matthew 28:19) First, it must be said that Christians do not actually convert others. Christians are to be Jesus’ ambassadors to the world bringing the Good News of the Gospel that Jesus alone saves. God does all the convicting of sin and the need for a Savior and the converting through His Holy Spirit. Second, a Christian’s conversations and testimonies are to be shared in love and compassion to all those of other faiths, to those who have no knowledge of God and even to those who are agnostics and atheists who deny there is a Creator. (John 3:16)

Christians do all this because they are instructed to do so in many passages of scripture and because they want to share God’s love and that joy of knowing Jesus as Savior. They want every person to experience that new wonderful transformed and meaningful life He gives now and forever to all who believe. When a person experiences God’s love and forgiveness and are saved from God’s wrath. So, why would they not want to tell others about their new life and Savior. Remember, Christians only tell others about Jesus, the Gospel and how He died and rose again for each person. We are only His ambassadors. We go and tell just like the Apostle Andrew said to his brother Peter, “Come and see. We have found the Messiah, Jesus.”

There is nothing greater than seeing a lost soul find Jesus as Savior. Now how about you? If you are a Christian do you tell others about Jesus? Perhaps it’s a family member or friend or colleague that needs to know Him. We encourage you to be that Christian friend that shares the ‘Good News” and points them to Jesus just like Andrew did to Peter. Then watch in wonder as God does a marvelous transformation in that person’s life. What happens really does surpasses all human understanding but with God all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26)