Why did Jesus wait four days before raising Lazarus from the dead?

This is a very profound question and deals with both Christ’s purposes and integrates into Jewish traditions and Pharisee beliefs.
As background, the incident takes place in John11:1-43 and should be very carefully read. Jesus had two previous occasions where He brought dead people back to life; Darius daughter in Mark 5:35-43 and the widow of Nain’s son in Luke 7:11-17.
In each of these cases the dead person had been dead for a short period, one day or less. Hence, the Pharisees were saying they were only ‘sleeping’ or in a coma or such and were not really dead. Most significantly however is the Jewish tradition and teaching that a dead person’s spirit remains over the body for a period of three days after death and then departs.
Now with Lazarus, Jesus was across the Jordan, a two days walk to Bethany where Lazarus’s body lay. When the messengers came reporting all to Him, Jesus deliberately remained and did NOT begin his return to Bethany. When He finally did arrive FOUR days after burial, not three, to negate any doubts by the Pharisees, Lazarus was already embalmed with spices and wrapped with burial strips and in his tomb. It was then He called him out of the tomb and Lazarus was returned to life, with his burial wrappings still on him. Lazarus, alive again, became a part of the Jerusalem believers’ group.
This incontrovertible miracle so marveled and infuriated the Pharisees that that they now began their plan to have Jesus killed. Read about it in John 11:45-54.
Perhaps the best answer to your question is that stated by Jesus, as recorded in John 11:42, in His reply to His previous statement, John 11:11, “…I am going there to wake him up” which is “…I said this for the benefit of the people standing here that they may believe that You [the Father] sent Me.”
Do you have the joy of being committed to Jesus as your Savior and know for certain that you have eternal life? You can. Just invite Him into your life today. He is waiting. None of us know if we have tomorrow!