Does God have an answer for broken relationships?

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This life is tough and the hardest things are relationships, especially when they aren’t healthy. For the most part, we can control ourselves and our actions; we can’t (or shouldn’t) control others. People offend us and we will get hurt. There’s no hiding from that. Sometimes, it’s intentional and other times it’s not; sometimes others aren’t aware of how and when they have hurt us.

God understands broken relationships better than we can imagine. After all, He created the perfect relationship between mankind and himself and we broke it. The first man, Adam, disobeyed God and broke that perfect relationship. God’s response to this rejection was to send his son, Jesus, to bring about reconciliation. It cost Jesus his life on the cross to atone for all the hurt that men and woman have caused throughout the ages. Now we have a pattern for dealing with broken relationships in our lives.

The Bible tells us to forgive in all things. Forgiveness can be hard, and while it may not heal a relationship, it helps lift the burden of the brokeness from the forgiver. When relationships are fractured, confronting the other person who you perceive to be the one doing the breaking may be appropriate, but it must be done in love. Jesus provided a pattern for confrontation. First you try to resolve the issue one-on-one. When that fails to work, take a friend and try again. If that fails, then you are to bring the situation before the congregation of believers with whom you worship. (Matt. 18:15-17). But you must understand that some broken relationships will not be resolved to your satisfaction, but once you offer forgiveness and allow yourself to grieve the loss, God will help you move forward.

God’s solution to the ultimate broken relationship was to love mankind so completely that he allowed Jesus to die for our sins. God’s grace and mercy extend to all, and should be passed through you to others. He forgave us even before we even asked for forgiveness. Jesus told us He would forgive our sins, as we forgive others (Matt. 6:14-15). It is a hard thing to forgive somone who has hurt you, but that forgiveness is what opens the doorfor God to grant you the peace you seek. God’s Holy Spirit inside of believers enables us to forgive. Ask God for the power, wisdom and make the choice to forgive today and watch the healing begin.

Image by AD_Images from Pixabay