What is Apologetics?

What is Apologetics?

This question and topic generally today refers to Christianity. The word apologetics is somewhat misleading and has nothing to do with apologizing in the modern sense of the word. Apologetics is building the case for explaining and defending the Christian faith. So, the straightforward answer is that apologetics defines, “What Christians Believe and Why Christians Believe It.”

First, an examination of the ‘What is Believed’ includes knowledge about God, creation, nature, origins of man, sin, morality, stewardship, life’s purpose, Jesus Christ, redemption, salvation, Heaven, Hell, the Christian church, the Bible, the Old Testament history of nations, End Times and eternity, for starters.

Then there is the second part of apologetics, ‘Why Christians Believe It’. Christians start with a concept that the Bible is the inspired word of God and therefore totally reliable as truth about what it contains. They trust the evidence that proves the Bible is historically correct, that it is the best documented of all ancient books and that it contains prophecy that is 100% accurate as only God could see the future of human history as if it is already completed. The Bible is a miracle in its own right as it was written over a period of 1600 years by 40 authors in complete harmony and without any contradictions.

Christians trust and believe the evidence of both Biblical and secular records, Josephus AD 75 & Tacitus AD 116, of the life, teaching, miracles, death by crucifixion, resurrection (witnessed by over 500 people) and ascension to heaven of Jesus Christ. They further believe the evidence of the dramatically transformed lives of Jesus 12 disciples who boldly proclaimed the truth of the gospel and were martyred for their testimonies. The fact is that no one willingly dies or is martyred for a lie. Then there is the miraculous contribution of Christianity to Western Civilization; literature, art, science, music, mathematics, medicine, education, philosophy, law and much more.

Finally, there is the witness and testimonies of the hundreds of millions of followers of Jesus Christ through the centuries. Why so many believers? The answer is because Jesus is the only way to eternal life and a transformed life full of meaning and purpose. He is ‘The Way’ to receive God’s gifts of joy, love, peace, forgiveness, contentment, faith and eternal hope.

How does one acquire wisdom from God?

How does one acquire wisdom from God?

First we must believe in God and trust in Him before we can acquire wisdom from God. To know God, we must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and have accepted Him as Lord and Savior. In the Bible, in Colossians 2:3 we are told that in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

The primary source of God’s wisdom is God’s word as recorded in the Bible. The Bible contains instructions for our relationships with others and provides guidance for making many of life’s decisions. This is the first place to go when seeking God’s wisdom. The Bible is often referred to as the ‘Operating Manual for Life’ and ‘Best Investigated Before Leaving Earth’.

God instructs us in James 1:5-6 that if we lack wisdom we should ask God. The condition is that we must believe and not doubt. We need to be honest with ourselves and not be looking for answers that confirm what we want to do. We must be fully committed to obeying God. James 1:7 says that if we doubt God, we should not think that we will receive anything from Him.

When we pray for wisdom, we must be patient as we wait for an answer. God’s timing for things is often different than ours. When we receive the answer, it cannot contradict anything in the Bible. This is why Bible study and prayer are so important for the believer. The Bible books of Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are called the wisdom books and we strongly urge you to study them over and over again. In them you will find those treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

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What is Biblical living Hope? Hope in Whom or What?

What is Biblical living Hope? Hope in Whom or What?

The word hope is commonly used to denote a deep desire, as in “hope I get that promotion” or “I hope he proposes” or things of that sort in the temporal realm here on earth. The word hope for the Christian has a very different meaning. Christians’ hope is in the Lord. It means the absolute assurance that God’s Word is true and can be fully trusted now and for eternity.

God has given Christians absolute hope for heaven and eternal life through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Christians’ hope is in the Lord’s unfailing love. It enables our souls to rest in God because Biblical hope comes from Him. (1 Peter 1:3) Faith and hope go hand-in-hand as faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not yet see. (Hebrews 11:1) Hope in Christ gives believers boldness to both defend and contend for the Christian faith.

The world puts out many ideas about what happens after death, but a Christian has the ‘hope of heaven’. This hope is the absolute, unwavering CERTAINTY of eternal life through Jesus Christ in a realm where there is no sickness, sin or death. That’s really good news. One who has this hope can face uncertain times and even death unafraid, for the knowledge of “LIVING, though he die’ is at the bedrock of his or her hope.

God has promised Christians a place that is even more perfect than any of us can ever dream or imagine and one that fulfills our greatest hopes and deepest longings.(1Corinthians 2:9) When we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit in us quickens our spirit to have this wonderful assurance. Have you surrendered to him? There is no better time than now.

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Is the Biblical View of Marriage Outdated?

Is the Biblical View of Marriage Outdated?

According to the Bible, marriage was given as a gift of God at the time of creation. (Genesis 1-3) The Creator made humans in His own image, both male and female. God’s stated intention still is that the two shall become one in a blessed partnership, to give birth and nurture to children.

This is the blessed relationship for the family for the good of life on earth. Without it there would be no future generations of human beings capable of experiencing and sharing God’s love and forming a moral society. So, we can say with confidence that never is the Biblical view of marriage outdated. Challenged yes, perhaps politically incorrect, but never passé.

The glorious gift of sex symbolizes and sustains this intimate divine union. The sexual act for humans is intended only within the boundaries of marriage. Marriage is intended to be a life-long relationship, “Until death do us part,” based on mutual trust, fidelity, and chastity. After giving the gift of marriage, the Lord stepped back and proclaimed,” It is very good.”

God’s beautiful dream of what marriage was meant to be has unfortunately been tainted by sin and our secular human updates such as divorce, adultery, slavery, spousal abuse, and more recently so called “open marriage,” same-sex unions and sadly broken homes with single parents.

We can say with certainty that there will never be an acceptable substitute for a Biblical view of marriage. The gift of marriage as God intends is evident yet all around us. Loving, healthy family life is still one of the best parts of our broken world. It is the fundamental nurturing institution of any nation. Biblical marriage outdated? Heaven forbid! Thankfully, no.

Why do some Bible reports about Jesus contradict others?

Why do some Bible reports about Jesus contradict others?

Many people have wondered about this and the short answer is YES, there are many differently described and worded reports of the same event by several different individuals, but upon examination, there are NO and I mean NO contradictions.

Many of the events such as the crucifixion, His appearances after His Resurrection, His birth, etc., are very complex and involved many different people at different viewing points.

The writers of all were eyewitnesses to each and had to know Jesus personally which was a requirement to be included in scripture. Hence, each was written from his own perspective. Just as witnesses today, say to a small event as a car accident, each will report what thev’e seen quite differently.

God promised and fulfilled that promise that each writer would be filled with the Holy Spirit and be able to recall and write all about what Jesus said and did perfectly.

And, when each of the descriptions written are examined , they tie together for a perfect report on the entire event without any contradiction whatsoever. God’s Word is without error because He inspired it. (2 Tim 3:16)

WOW  God is sure great isn’t He? Do you know Him? You can as He will reveal Himself to those that diligently seek Him. The choice is yours.