Many people have wondered about this and the short answer is YES, there are many differently described and worded reports of the same event by several different individuals, but upon examination, there are NO and I mean NO contradictions.

Many of the events such as the crucifixion, His appearances after His Resurrection, His birth, etc., are very complex and involved many different people at different viewing points.

The writers of all were eyewitnesses to each and had to know Jesus personally which was a requirement to be included in scripture. Hence, each was written from his own perspective. Just as witnesses today, say to a small event as a car accident, each will report what thev’e seen quite differently.

God promised and fulfilled that promise that each writer would be filled with the Holy Spirit and be able to recall and write all about what Jesus said and did perfectly.

And, when each of the descriptions written are examined , they tie together for a perfect report on the entire event without any contradiction whatsoever. God’s Word is without error because He inspired it. (2 Tim 3:16)

WOW  God is sure great isn’t He? Do you know Him? You can as He will reveal Himself to those that diligently seek Him. The choice is yours.